Being in the International long distance business for decades, we have come to fully understand the traveler’s away-from-home needs. Our solutions provide the following.



Being in the international long distance business for decades, we have come to fully understand the needs and requirements of businesses operating globally. Our Global-Business-Solutions (GBS) have been specifically designed to facilitate quick, secure and reliable communications between the business men and women around the globe. Combined with our low international rates, they provide the most complete and affordable package in the market.


Now the WORLD is accessible with ONE CLICK of your choice!

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Easy to Remember Numbers to Speed Dial

Easy-to-Install APP

No Pins

No Operators

No Contracts!

No Additional Government Fees!

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Access Code

For decades, we have provided our clients the convenience they desire by providing high quality solutions that are simple to understand and easy to use. Our Access Code service has had a great track record and customer satisfaction. It’s fast to set up, and easy to remember. You are a few quick steps away:


You are a few quick steps away:

Call 1-800-818-7000 to Register

We provide you with an Easy-to-Remember Access Code

Dial the Access Code and follow the Prompt

Call Anywhere in the World!

DIrect Dial

When it comes to long distance services and international communications, we fully understand your needs and cater to them. We are always prepared to make your international call experience a pleasant one. Backed by our guaranteed low prices and dedication to quality, you can not go wrong.


Sign up today!

No Pins, No Operator and No Hassle!

Just pick up the phone and Call Anywhere in the World!





One Touch Dial

In today’s world, speed has become a major factor in our daily lives. Whether it’s a family member, friend or a global businesses partner, who lives in another part of the world, the need to contact them is constantly present. And, time being so scarce, speed dialing becomes essential.


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We provide you with an Easy-to- Remember Number

Dial the number and Call Anywhere in the World!


Download our APP and call from anywhere in the world as if it was a local call! with no long series of numbers to dial and no roaming fees!


Please follow the steps below to install the APP:

Go to the APP Store

Search for Cloud Soft Phone

Once the installation is complete, call us to complete the setup!